Majority Histon - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Majority Histon:


How many speakers does it have?

It features just one speaker, but it performs well.


How powerful is the speaker?

The speaker has a total output of 3-watts.


My radio is stuck on English language, what can I do?

Press the 'Enter/Snooze' button to confirm the language and move forward with your radio set-up.


Can I get AM radio stations?

Unfortunately, the Histon does not offer AM radio. However, you can get DAB/DAB + and FM radio stations.


What is the power specification of the power adapter/plug that is included with the radio?

The specification of the power adapter/plug is: DC 5V 1A


Will I be able to get all DAB radio stations with this?

It does have DAB/DAB+ digital radio that offers a wide range of stations to choose from. The specific DAB/DAB+ stations available to you will be dependent on the coverage in your area. To check the coverage in your area, go to


How to I perform a scan for radio stations?

A DAB scan should have already occurred upon setting up, however, if a DAB scan has not occurred, or you wish to rescan for available stations, press and hold the 'Info/Menu' button to open radio settings. Use the 'Prev/Next' buttons to scroll through to "Full Scan" and press the 'Enter/Snooze' button to confirm the choice. After the scan has finished, the radio will automatically play the first station stored.


There’s good signal in my area, but I still get bad reception. What can I do?

There are many issues that can cause interference and bad DAB reception. A BBC guide on DAB signal troubleshooting is available here:

Here are some troubleshooting points if you are having issues with signal interference:

  1. Try switching your radio off and on again.
  2. Try performing a full scan.
  3. Try moving the aerial around to see if that improves the signal. If not, try moving your radio around to see if you can find a better position with a clearer signal – it’s harder for radio signals to penetrate through thick concrete walls. Try positioning your radio next to or close to a window.
  4. Check your cables for water damage. To find out how, visit the BBC’s guide to water damage here:
  5. Devices that can interfere with DAB radios include microwave ovens, LED lighting, laptops and laptop power supplies, LCD TVs, mobile phones, and power line networking. It may be possible for you to detect the device causing interference by switching things off, one at a time, until your interference problem is resolved.
  6. Weather can often affect DAB signal, particularly fine weather including high pressure. The best course of action in this situation is to wait for the weather to change – you should not attempt to re-tune during this time.
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