Majority Petersfield GO - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Majority Petersfield GO:


Can I connect it to my speakers?

The item uses the wired earphones as an antenna, so for the best experience they would need to be connected.


Will it still play the radio without headphones plugged in?

Please ensure that the earphones included are connected to the top of the Majority Petersfield as they also function as the antenna for your radio. Without them, little to no DAB/FM signal will be received.


Is there a DAB+ function?

Yes, it does support DAB+.


Can I use the USB port to connect to speakers, or a computer?

Unfortunately, the USB connection does not support audio. It is for charging only.


Does this have all UK DAB and FM radio stations?

It has DAB/DAB+ digital radio that offers a wide range of stations to choose from. The specific range of DAB/DAB+/FM radio stations available to you is dependent on the coverage in your area. To check the coverage in your area, go to


Does it have a record function?

Unfortunately, the Petersfield-Go does not have a record function.


Does this have an alarm clock?

Unfortunately, the Petersfield-Go does not have an alarm clock function.

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