Majority Bowfell - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Majority Bowfell soundbar:


Does the Bowfell work with Bluetooth headphones?

Unfortunately, the Bowfell cannot send audio out via Bluetooth, only receive it. It is not compatible with Bluetooth headphones. However, you can connect other types of Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones and MP3 players.


Does the Bowfell work with wired headphones?

Unfortunately, the Bowfell is not compatible with wired headphones.


Can the Soundbar be wall mounted?

The Bowfell does not have wall mounting holes. As a compact soundbar, it is not best suited to wall mounting. However, it is small enough to fit on a small shelf or an alternative raised platform.


Is the Bowfell rechargeable?

The Bowfell is not rechargeable and does not have a battery option. Instead, it needs to be plugged in at the mains.


When I try to connect via Bluetooth, my device asks for a code. What code should I input?

If you need to enter a password when using Bluetooth, enter ‘0000’.


Is the Bowfell compatible with Universal remotes or Fire Stick remotes?

Please try using the following infrared (IR) code: 01FE


Is it possible to connect extra speakers via Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, as the Soundbar is a Bluetooth receiver and not a Bluetooth transmitter, it’s not possible to connect extra speakers via Bluetooth.

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