Majority Fitzwilliam - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Majority Fitzwilliam:


Can I save my favourite stations as favourites?

Yes, you can save up to 40 stations as favourites.


When playing music from a USB flash drive, does the track information (e.g., track name, artist name etc.) display on the screen?

Yes, it does display the track name/artist.


What is the difference between the EU and UK version of this product?

The only difference is the plug. The UK version will have a standard 3-pin plug, and the EU version will have a standard 2-pin plug.


Can this be connected to an amplifier?

The Fitzwilliam has a 3.5mm AUX output, optical output, coaxial output, and an audio R/L output. Therefore, if your amplifier has a suitable audio input, it should work fine. You need to check which audio inputs your specific amplifier supports.


What type of antenna connection does it have?

The antenna port is an F-Type Connector.


What is the maximum USB flash drive size that I can connect using the USB port?

It is compatible with a USB flash drive up to 128GB. The USB flash drive will need to be formatted to the 'FAT32' file system.


Can I connect this to my Bluetooth headphones/speakers?

The Fitzwilliam can receive audio over a Bluetooth connection from another device. However, it cannot send audio to a device, such as another speaker, using Bluetooth.


Does Spotify connect work with a free account, or does it need a premium account?

You will need to have Spotify on your phone, tablet, or PC / laptop for the Spotify Connect software to work. You can make use of the Spotify Connect feature with a free or paid account.


How does this connect to the internet?

The Fitzwilliam connects to your broadband router via WLAN (wireless) or LAN connection.

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