Majority Scholars - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Majority Scholars DVD Player:


Is this DVD player region free?

Yes, the Scholars is a region free DVD player. Regions 1-6 are supported. Supported systems include PAL/NTSC.


What disc formats does it support?

This Region Free DVD player plays multiple disc formats including DVD, DVD-R-RW, CD Video, Mpeg4, DivX. It does not support Blu-Ray.


What file types does the USB function support?

The supported files are as follows. Video: DVD, DVD-R-RW, CD Video, Mpeg3, DivX. Audio: MP3, WMA, CD Audio, CD-R-RW, CD. Image: JPEG, CD Photo


What are the resolution options?

You can choose the following resolution levels from the HDMI output: 480I/576I/720P50/720P60/1080I50/1080I60/1080P (50Hz)/1080P (60Hz)


How does it connect to my TV?

It would need to be connected to your TV using an HDMI or RCA cable.


How can I reduce the humming/whirring sound coming from the DVD player?

Try moving the DVD player onto a different surface. The unit may be vibrating on the current surface as the DVD spins, this could be what is causing the humming sound.


Can it play CDs?

The following audio CD formats can be played: Mp3, WMA, CD Audio, CD-R-RW, CD.


Can you play DVDs without using the remote control?

Yes, as there are buttons for play/pause/stop on the front panel of the unit. There is also an open/close button for the DVD tray.


Can I adjust the aspect ratio?

You should be able to change the aspect ratio by opening the 'General' menu. Seven sub-menus will appear that you can select between. Press the directional buttons on the remote control to scroll between the sub-menus and select the 'TV Display' option. Once there, you should be able to select a suitable aspect ratio.


Does the unit support continuous replay?

It has a 'Repeat' function that allows you to repeat a title, chapter, track, or entire disc from the beginning. Additionally, there is an 'A-B' function that lets you manually select certain sections of the DVD to repeat.


Does the remote have a change angle feature for films where that is an option?

There is an 'Angle' button on the remote control. In DVD mode, you can use this button to view the DVD from different angles.


What are the dimensions of the DVD player?

The product dimensions are 22.5 x 19 x 4.5 cm.


How much does it weigh?

The weight is 0.74 kg.


Can I connect a USB flash drive?

It can support a USB flash drive that is less than, or equal to, 32GB in size. If you insert a USB flash drive that is larger than 32GB, it will not be able to read the drive.


How long is the HDMI cable included with the unit?

The length of the HDMI cable is 1.5 meters.


What zoom options are available?

The following Zoom ratios are available: 2x ,3x, 4x, 1/2 ,1/3 ,1/4


Can it be used with a projector?

If the projector has either an RCA or HDMI input, then it should work - check the inputs that your specific projector supports.

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