Oakcastle SB110 - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Oakcastle SB100:


Is it possible to view a guide to see what TV shows are coming on?

Some providers broadcast information about their programs. This information is available on-screen via an electronic program guide. This can be displayed by pressing the EPG button on the remote control provided with the SB100.


Do I need to use a USB flash drive to store recordings or does it have an internal memory?

You would need to use your own USB flash drive to store recordings using the USB slot on the unit. It does not have internal memory. Please note that a USB flash drive is not included.


I have done a scan for channels and nothing is coming up?

Please make sure all wiring is connected properly, and you have connected a working aerial, otherwise the unit will not pick up any signal.


Can it record TV without an internet connection?

It can record Freeview TV without an internet connection. The TV recordings save to an external hard drive/USB memory stick, which is not included.

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