Majority Peterhouse Graduate - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Majority Peterhouse Graduate:


Is it battery operated?

The Peterhouse Graduate is not battery operated. The unit requires a connection to a mains power supply using the power adapter/plug included.


Can you connect it to Bluetooth headphones, or a Bluetooth speaker?

The only audio output is a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Majority Peterhouse Graduate has built-in speakers. It has been designed to receive audio, rather than send audio to a separate device like headphones/speakers. However, you can play audio through the radio, for instance from your smartphone.


Where is the device manufactured/produced?

It was designed in Cambridge, and this is where our offices are based. The items themselves are manufactured in China.


What application (app) does it use to receive internet radio stations?

You should be able to receive any of the internet radio stations that are available on MediaU:


Can you search for and set radio stations manually?

You can manually search for stations. To search for a new station, select 'Search Radio Station' to go to the search tool. Turn the 'Select' dial to highlight the chosen character and click '>' to move to the next character. To go back to the previous character, press '<' to highlight it. Press the Select dial to search for the internet station.

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