Majority Barton - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Majority Barton DAB radio:


Can the display be dimmed?

Yes, the display can be dimmed. To dim the display, press the Dimmer button repeatedly to switch between low, medium, and high brightness options. The dimmer button can be used in either standby or working mode.


Can this radio be used with batteries?

Unfortunately, the Barton cannot be battery powered, it requires a connection to a mains power supply. A power adapter plug is included with the unit. The power specification is: DC 5V 1A


Can I get AM radio stations?

Unfortunately, the Barton does not offer AM radio stations. However, you can receive DAB/DAB+ and FM Radio stations.


What are the dimensions of this product?

The product dimensions are 12cm x 12cm x 19cm.


Is this radio portable?

Unfortunately, the Barton is not a portable device, as it requires connection to a mains power supply.


Does this radio display the time and date?

When you are listening to a radio station with a good signal, press the ‘Info/Menu’ button repeatedly to show the different programme information. For example, selecting 'Time and Date' displays the time and the date.


Does this radio have surge protection?

Yes, the Barton is surge protected. This means that it is designed to protect itself from voltage spikes caused by occurrences such as lightning, static electricity, and internal changes in voltage use.

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